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Attractive investment opportunities in Montenegro’s ski resorts

Montenegro, a small country on the Adriatic coast, is no longer an insider tip for tourists. While its picturesque coastal towns and historical sights have gained international recognition, Montenegro also offers an impressive variety of ski resorts that are attracting more and more attention from investors. The combination of unspoiled nature, modern infrastructure and comparatively low real estate prices makes Montenegro's ski resorts an attractive destination for investment.

Stari Grad Bar

Stari Grad Bar is the old town or its remains of Bar, which you can visit and see as a museum here in Bar, Montenegro. Most towns here on the coast of Montenegro have an old town "Stari Grad". Today here are the pictures of the old town of Bar. It is beautiful there and always worth a visit! The old town "Stari Grad Bar" has "changed hands" several times in the past. Repeatedly appropriated and conquered...

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