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How much is my property worth?

We can help you to sell your house. We will take care of finding a buyer, preparing your home and negotiating the price. Our team of experts will help you sell your home. Get a free home value estimate and learn more about selling your home. Call us today for more information!

Frequently asked questions about selling a property

How well or not well your property sells depends on many factors. First of all, of course, the area where your property is located is very important. Our German clients, for example, love the sea view, nature and tranquility.
However, every property and every location always has its sales opportunity.
For every property there is a buyer, we are convinced of that.
Good and high quality pictures and videos of your property are very helpful to get an actual impression of the property in the first place.

First of all, we need good quality pictures or videos of your property. If you don’t have any, we can create some for you.
Then we need, if available, floor plans of houses and the ownership proofs of your property (land/ house/ apartment).
Information about : year of construction, water, electricity, driveway or access, sole owner or shared ownership and so on are also very helpful.

We come to you free of charge, inspect your property with you and then give you an estimate. In this way, you have a kind of guideline value to which you can orient yourself.

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