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The monastery of Reževići

The Serbian Orthodox monastery of Reževići is located directly on the panoramic road that runs along the coast of Montenegro through the country. Coming from Budva or Tivat, the monastery of Reževići is located just before Petrovac, belonging to the municipality of Budva.

Monastery near Petrovac

We were on the way to Petrovac and spontaneously thought to make a small stopover. On the way to Petrovac is this beautiful monastery, which is definitely worth a visit! Unfortunately, I do not know the name of the monastery. It is Serbian Orthodox, there are two beautiful churches on the grounds, which is very beautifully maintained. One has, as from almost all monasteries, a fantastic view over the coast...

Stari Grad Bar

Stari Grad Bar is the old town or its remains of Bar, which you can visit and see as a museum here in Bar, Montenegro. Most towns here on the coast of Montenegro have an old town "Stari Grad". Today here are the pictures of the old town of Bar. It is beautiful there and always worth a visit! The old town "Stari Grad Bar" has "changed hands" several times in the past. Repeatedly appropriated and conquered...

Dobra Voda 360 degree panoramic view

Today there is a small 360 degree panorama. Taken with our drone - as can not be overlooked. You can see Dobra Voda in the municipality of Bar in Montenegro. More panoramic views will follow, of course. We also offer these panoramic views for individual properties - then at almost eye level as viewing height. If you are interested and would like to have such a panoramic view from your property, please...

Porto Montenegro – high society port in Tivat

Porto Montenegro is a yacht harbor of the super rich including its own promenade and associated luxury hotels, restaurants and shopping. The port is located in Tivat in the municipality of Budva here in Montenegro. Super yachts are welcome here. The whole complex is super well maintained and very nice to look at.

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