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Our Services

We help people to immigrate here to Montenegro – and that with really all the trimmings. So our services are not only to mediate real estate for sale and rent and to offer the management and maintenance of these properties. We want you to live, work and enjoy here in Montenegro in a relaxed way.

Therefore, our services have grown and our daily work now consists of additional construction projects to successfully implement for you, residence permits to apply, companies to establish, vehicles and ships to import and much more.
So here is an overview for you, which services we offer. For the sake of clarity, we do not list the many small things that we additionally do in everyday life. If you need support for additional things, please feel free to contact us at any time.

Brief overview

Real Estate for sell

Our original business is the real estate industry. So we mediate real estate, land, houses and apartments for sale in beautiful Montenegro.

Mediation of long-term rental properties

The procurement of long-term rental properties in Montenegro is not so easy. Classic renting for a longer period is not so common here.

Implementation of construction projects

Since many a purchase object is not so good quality, many come to the decision to build yourself. We help with the implementation with all the trimmings.

Company formations

Founding a company has become an everyday work for us. If you want to run your business here in Montenegro, then you can not avoid the company formation. We need maximum 5 working days, then you can start with your company.

Application for the residence permit

We have applied for over 800 residence permits for immigrants in 2022. We are therefore always up to date, know which documents are needed and which requirements have been renewed and must be met.

Bank account opening

You can open bank accounts only after you have a residence permit. This has been the case only recently and is more and more strictly observed in Montenegro. We help to open private, corporate accounts and also international accounts.

Removals to MNE

Moving can be very expensive. We help to save costs and have a smooth process in the move.

Car rental Rent a car

We also offer our clients cars for rent for the stays they have here during and before the emigration.

Car import & registration

If you later want to import your own car here in Montenegro, we will also help you with that – including registration and insurance.

Import of boats & ships incl. moorings

Some people migrate to MNE because they would like to live on the Adriatic coast and own a boat. We help with the introduction, registration of the boat and also arrange moorings.

Support for business ideas

We have published a video series with various business ideas for MNE. We help with our contacts that you can start your business here successfully.

Registration of children in school

Enrolling children in school here in MNE is also one of our services. We already have nearly 40 children enrolled in schools here in MNE in 2022:

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