Monastery near Petrovac

We were on the way to Petrovac and spontaneously thought we would make a short stopover. On the way to Petrovac is this beautiful monastery, which is definitely worth a visit!

Unfortunately I don’t know the name of the monastery. It is Serbian Orthodox, there are two beautiful churches on the site, which is very nicely maintained. As from almost all monasteries, you have a fantastic view of the coast and the sea. The monastery garden exudes a calm that invites you to linger. There are many opportunities to sit down there in a quiet place and enjoy the silence and nature. A staircase leads up to the associated cemetery, which I have not photographed for reasons of piety.

The monastery can be reached very easily from the panorama route. Drive up the mountain for 3 minutes and you’re there. There is only space for one car in front of the monastery. So it makes sense to park a little further down the street and take the short walk up.

Unfortunately, we didn’t meet anyone there, but the site is of course open to inspection at any time.