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By ferry to Montenegro

By ferry to Montenegro

Alternatively to the possibilities by plane, car, bus or train, you have the possibility to get to Montenegro by ship/ferry. There are basically two routes, one of them being the most used. This most used ferry route is from Bari (Italy) to Bar (Montenegro).

The ferry to Montenegro does not run all year round, but operates from May to the end of November. The sailing times and frequencies vary from week to week or month to month. You can find an overview for this year below. Prices also vary depending on whether you are traveling alone or with several people, with or without a car, what type of cabin you book, and whether you book a one-way or round-trip ticket.

The crossing usually takes place overnight – you are on the way for about 9 hours. Therefore, also the cabins on board the ferry to Montenegro, so you can sleep relaxed during the crossing.

All further information can be found below or directly on the website of the company Barska plovidba AD – Montenegro Lines.

You can book tickets on the website of “Barska plovidba AD – Montenegro Lines”.

Alternatively, you can order tickets by phone or email the above company.
+382 30 312 366 / 303 469


The prices for the crossings vary, of course, depending on what time you want to travel, how many people, what kind of cabin you want to stay in on the ferry and whether you want to travel with or without a car and if with a car – how big your car is.
Also there are discounts if you book a round trip ticket or even if you travel with more cars and people.

You can see the prices on this PDF of the above mentioned company or also download them on their website.

General notes

Documents You need all important and usual documents for the ship journey. Your passport, all papers for your car (also for rental cars), visa (if necessary). Customs will check all documents both on departure and arrival. So be sure that you have everything with you.   Check-In You must check-in and be on site at least and no later than 2 hours before departure. There is usually a long queue, so it is recommended to actually be there on time.   Discounts If you buy a round-trip ticket, you will receive a 20% discount on the return ticket. Infants up to 3 years old receive a 100% discount unless you need and occupy your own seat or recliner. Children from 3 to 12 years of age receive a discount of approximately 75%. Children up to 12 years of age may not travel alone, i.e. unaccompanied. Group rates/discounts for 15 or more people are available upon request.   Cancellation / Refund Cancellation or refund is of course only possible before departure. More detailed information can be found on the website of the above mentioned company.   Animals It is forbidden to bring animals, unless they are pets (dog, cat and bird). For these animals you will then need a veterinary certificate. In addition, dogs must be muzzled, cats must be kept in a basket and birds must be kept and transported in a cage. The animals are then allowed in the cabin only in a special case. The transport of animals is free of charge.   Other The decks with the vehicles will be locked during the cruise. So it is necessary for you to bring everything you need from the car actually right at the beginning to your cabin or to take it out of the car, because later you will have no possibility for this.

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