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Stari Grad Bar

Stari Grad Bar is the old town or its remains of Bar, which you can visit and see as a museum here in Bar, Montenegro. Most towns here on the coast of Montenegro have an old town “Stari Grad”. Today here are the pictures of the old town of Bar. It is beautiful there and always worth a visit!

The old town “Stari Grad Bar” has “changed hands” several times in the past. Repeatedly appropriated and conquered by different groups of people, it rarely remained constantly in the hands of a king, ruler or people. In addition, the old city was destroyed several times and was also hit hard by the 1979 earthquake.

The old town is always worth a visit! It is really beautiful there. A very peaceful place with a lot of history that you can literally feel! You can walk there relaxed and admire the sight of the old buildings, enjoy the nature that has sought and taken your place around everything or you can let your imagination run wild and imagine how people must have lived there at that time! There are churches, prayer rooms, a kind of “laundry” an aquaeduct, a castle and many houses, which are unfortunately so destroyed that today you can no longer understand what was there. But with a lot of imagination you can see people walking through the town, maybe a bakery here and a weaving mill there…….a theater maybe too or royal gardens? Who knows – the place invites in any case very much to dream!

You can also sit down in a corner, enjoy the energy and read a book while listening to the happy music that the birds are singing together. Or you can sit on the huge city wall that surrounds and protects the old town “Stari Grad Bar” and marvel at the insane view you have from there.

All buildings or building remains in the old town “Stari Grad Bar” are built of natural stone – one can not even imagine here, what an insane work it must have been to build all this at that time. It is estimated that the old town “Stari Grad Bar” is over 2,000 years old. So how did people build all these beautiful buildings back then?!

The old town is also very inviting for photography – wedding photos would certainly be nice to take here…

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Summer – 08.00 – 20.00
Winter – 09.00 – 17.00


Adults – 2 Euro
Children – 1 Euro


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