360 degree video
The beach of Bar

Here you have the opportunity to take a look around the beach at Bar. The beach at Bar is quite long with different sections. From here you get a very good first impression of the beach at Bar. There is usually a stony beach, not a sandy beach. Many restaurants have their own beach sections with a certain number of loungers that you can rent for 5 euros per day, including an umbrella.

Showers are usually available every 50m or so in the sections on the beach (this applies here on the beach at Bar as well as everywhere on the beaches), so that if you want you can shower off the healthy salt water. Here in Montenegro, as probably in other countries, you can buy such bathing shoes. I can only recommend it! If the beaches are stony and there are also many stones in the water, then as a beginner you will be much better off with these shoes. They also don’t really bother bathing / swimming. If you go swimming here regularly and walk barefoot on the stones, your feet and the soles of your feet get used to it very quickly. But for feet that don’t have it regularly, it’s often quite painful. So – buy shoes!