Reževići Monastery

The Serbian Orthodox Monastery of Reževići is located directly on the Panorama Road, which runs through the country along the coast of Montenegro. Coming from Budva or Tivat, the Reževići monastery is located just before Petrovac, part of the Budva municipality.

There is a large parking lot in front of the monastery, which is almost like a kind of rest area on the Panormastrasse. Behind the monastery there is a small viewing platform from which, as is almost always the case with monasteries, you can enjoy the outstanding view of the sea and the coast.

Reževići Monastery is also a very well-kept monastery. The garden is lovingly laid out and here, too, you can feel the peace and quiet that most monasteries exude. We just came at the time of mass, so unfortunately we couldn’t go into the churches. The outdoor area itself has shown us its charm and left its effect.

The Reževići Monastery is not one of the most beautiful monasteries for me. But of course it is still worth a visit.