Are you interested in apartments in Montenegro? For holiday rentals, to achieve rental income? Or maybe to live in it yourself? Then you are exactly right with us.

We at Immo Monte are specialized in everything to do with real estate here on the coast of Montenegro. We broker real estate, manage real estate and maintain real estate. Everything from one source.

We have a lot of properties on offer, including apartments in Montenegro. Please feel free to browse through the category “apartments” on our website.

Unfortunately, you will not yet find all the apartments we have on offer on our site. We do not manage to put everything online so quickly. We have much more on offer than can be found here on our site. So please feel free to ask for further objects.

Normally there is always a meeting with interested parties first. Then we discuss all your wishes. Afterwards we drive with you along the cities and coast and show you a lot of objects. Until we have found what you are looking for together.

With the wide range of properties we have on offer, you are sure to find something suitable for you! No matter what price category or location you are looking for – we are sure to find it together.