Land with
700 olive trees and a lake

This property basically consists of two parts – one part with 700 young olive trees and a second part with its own lake / spring and forest-like area. It also offers a sea view. It is located in Velje Selo, Bar, on the Montenegrin coast.

Land with 700 olive trees and a lake Informations
Electricity Yes
Water Yes
Distance to next sea/beach 15 minutes
Distance to next city 15 minutes
Price 468.325 €

With 18,733 m² you have a lot of space to implement your wishes on this property. A large part of the property is currently planted with young olive trees. The trees were planted two years ago (2019) and are already bearing fruit this year. Of course, all certificates for the olive trees are available.

In the back of the property there is a spring that the current owner created as a small lake. The spring water comes directly from the ground – it is not an artificially created, but a natural lake. The water is ready to drink and very healthy! You could also expand this lake and have your own large lake on the property, in which you could swim and even drink from.

Behind the source or the lake there is a forest-like area that invites you to take a walk. From the property you have a sea view and a view of the mountains, which also invites you to linger. The view is also unobstructed.

The property is sloping, but not too steep. The earth is incredibly good potting soil – for everyone who wants to grow something – this is an ideal opportunity.

The path to the property was laid out, it could be paved a little further with tar or concrete tracks.

The property is really an exception – it is very quiet, has a lake, olive trees, forest and very good potting soil – so, strictly speaking, everything in one.

The property is also suitable for an eco-village.

The price is 25 euros / m² – a total of 468,325 euros.

from the property

Here you get an insight and an overview of the described property via our video.