Now you already have a property on the coast of Montenegro or have recently acquired one, now it is all about managing it. Some people would like to take this into their own hands, some prefer to hand it over for relief.

We are also available for you in this matter of management of real estate. We maintain the “booking” page for you, take care of the rental during or even out of season, report to you regularly about everything and, of course, also inform you if there are any investments, repairs or problems that we can solve for you.

So you don’t have to worry about anything and receive reports with photos via email from us.


We take on all tasks that fall within the scope of management of real estate  – reliably and according to your wishes.
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Our basic package
of the management of Real Estate

The following services are included for you in our basic package of management of Real Estate and are described in more detail here. If you have any further wishes or if your real estate needs further administrative tasks, we will discuss this in our first viewing appointment and will of course provide you with an individual offer for everything else.

Booking page maintenance

Booking is the biggest and most important portal when it comes to holiday home rental. In this country, everyone actually uses it to rent out holiday apartments or houses. Are you already at Booking?

If you already have a booking page for your holiday properties, we will be happy to take over the administration of your booking page in our basic package. If you don’t have a booking page yet, we will be happy to create one for you and show you how easy it is to rent out via Booking. It is important with such sites like Booking that the profiles are filled with extensive, detailed and above all appealing content.

Customers need information, the more information they get, the more secure and well looked after they feel. Your Booking profile should therefore contain a list of the services/offers that your property offers, as well as more detailed, friendly and helpful information in text form about what makes your property special, where it is located, what special features it offers and what is included in the price.

The more precisely the customer knows what to expect – both in terms of costs and the property itself – the more likely he or she is to book and to give a good valuation afterwards. Unfortunately, one lives on valuations on these profiles. The better the rating, the better you will be listed and the more people will book your property in the future.

An important point are also the pictures. Always already and with every product that you try to “sell”, it is important that you have appealing and meaningful pictures for this product, preferably even pictures that directly arouse positive emotions in the customer. We have all the photographic equipment and computer processing programs available – we can even take drone shots/aerial photographs and videos of your object – and we are also happy to offer to take new pictures and videos of your objects. Just ask us about it, or if we think it makes sense, we will recommend it to you.

Seasonal rental

Renting during the season from about May to September is the main source of income. All handovers and acceptances, including cleaning in between, are included in our basic package.

Seasonal rentals are actually the main and only source of income for many people here. Many people here live the whole year round only from the income from renting the holiday apartments. This shows how important it is to take good and reliable care of the rental.

To a good and reliable seasonal rental, of course, the maintenance of an appealing booking site is important from the very beginning. We have already mentioned this above. Among the further tasks for us are the following:

  • Handover and acceptance for rental

  • Cleaning of the property before each new transfer

  • Shopping and refilling of basic equipment (spices, oil, detergents, toilet paper, etc.)

  • Preparation of an individual house regulation for your object

  • Handing over and explanation of the house rules to the tenants

  • Handing out general tourist information documents (maps of the area, etc.) to the tenants

  • we are 24h contact person locally for the tenants with problems or questions

  • Recommendations for tourist activities in the region through our contacts

Off-season rental

Unfortunately, off-season rentals are still used far too rarely. But of course there is the possibility and if you wish, we will gladly take care of this for you as an additional source of income.

There are two forms of off-season rental. On the one hand, there is the possibility to rent out holiday apartments and houses for the time out of season permanently for a rather low rent, mostly here on site. On the other hand, there is also the possibility to make special advertising and to rent out the normal holiday rental at lower prices outside the normal season.

Many people – mostly e.g. the older generation – would like to disappear from their homes during autumn and winter because of the mostly cold and unpleasant weather. The Balearic Islands, for example, are a well-known destination. So people between 2 weeks and 3 months rent a nice holiday flat in warmer, sunny areas to relax and enjoy the peace and quiet outside of tourism.

Not everyone wants to take advantage of these possibilities in the off-season, mostly because the effort seems too big. However, if you are one of those people who would like to benefit from your holiday property outside of the season, we will be happy to assist you.

Forms & Documents

As an owner of holiday homes, certain documents and forms are part of everyday life. The “paperwork” is too annoying and too difficult for many people. We will gladly take the burden and work off your shoulders and take care of it for you.

Having a certain structure creates security and trust on all sides and in all areas. In addition, this structure makes everyday work processes easier. This saves time, is more effective and you also anticipate certain questions and problems. For example, having house rules for your holiday properties is very important. So the tenants know what you have to adhere to, how to contact us in case of questions and problems and in case of emergency you as owner can always refer to the house rules.

We also provide the tenants with tourist documents such as city or regional maps, information on places of interest in the region and also advertising brochures for excursions and activities from our cooperation partners. This makes the stay even more interesting for the tenants, they have even more fun during their stay and in the end there are good evaluations that are relevant for all of us.

There are a few important documents and forms that you should have as owners of holiday apartments and houses as mentioned. We will prepare these documents for you and gladly take the work off your hands. Here you will find a small overview of the documents we have prepared for you.

  • an overview of the most important emergency call numbers here on site

  • House rules

  • User agreement for the WLAN/ Internet access

  • Invoice template on request incl. or excl. VAT

  • Rental contract for long-term rental (out of season)

  • tourist documents (maps, sights, excursions etc.)