Ways to journey to Montenegro – How do I get to Montenegro?

Now you have already read, seen or heard a lot about Montenegro and maybe you would like to come here yourself. So the question arises: How or on which ways do I actually come to Montenegro? Which possibilities there are and how it all works we will explain to you below shortly and in more detailed blog articles.

There are many ways to get to Montenegro. In principle you have the possibility to come to Montenegro by car, bus, train, ship or plane. First of all it depends on which type of travel you prefer.

Some people prefer to fly because it is fast, others prefer full flexibility and travel by car.

So in the end, the choice is of course up to each individual.

First of all, I would like to briefly present to you here the options available to you for travelling to Montenegro. As I said, in further blog articles the somewhat more detailed description will follow.

The journey to Montenegro by plane

The journey by plane

Apart from travelling by train, car, bus or ship, travelling to Montenegro by plane is of course usually the most relaxed and fastest option.

Montenegro basically has two airports – one in Podgorica – the capital of Montenegro – and one in Tivat, a small town right on the coast.

In terms of size, the airports do not differ too much. However, there are more flights and airlines flying to Podgorica.

There are direct flights from Germany – mostly from Frankfurt or Berlin. Otherwise you usually have to change flights once.

The airports in Montenegro are modern, small and manageable. It is easy to find your way around and you can find everything you need – including car rentals.

By direct flight it takes about 2-2,5 hours, with changing the plane a little longer depending on your stay.

From the airport you can get to your accommodation either by rental car if you want to drive yourself, by taxi or by shuttle service – depending on whether your accommodation offers this or not.

We always recommend to take a rental car, so that you are more flexible and can see a few things during your holiday here. But again, the choice is of course up to you. Maybe you deliberately don’t want to go on excursions and just spend the time and peace and quiet in your accommodation and in the town you are staying in.

The journey to Montenegro by car

The journey by car

The journey to Montenegro by car is really highly recommended. Especially if you want to spend your holiday on the Adriatic coast of Montenegro, the route by car along the coast is worth the trip per se. The coastal region of Montenegro is so beautiful that you are tempted to stop every 5 minutes to take pictures and linger a while with such overwhelming views.

The car route really does run directly along the coast, so that you can enjoy a breathtaking sea view almost continuously.

But now a short note about the stretch “before”. If you arrive from Germany, you usually drive via Austria, Slovenia, Croatia – a tiny piece of Bosnia-Herzegovina – Croatia again and then Montenegro. This is the route if you want to travel to the coastal region.

Of course you can also get to Montenegro via Serbia. It depends a little bit on where exactly you want to travel to in Montenegro.

The route to the coastal region described above is connected to motorway fees in Austria, Slovenia, Croatia and also Montenegro itself. There are also possible overnight costs, unless you are travelling with a motorhome and stay overnight in it.

From Germany you have about 24 hours of pure car travel in front of you, which you can distribute relaxed over as many days as you like.

On the route along the coast there is for example also the beautiful city of Dubrovnik in Croatia (just before the Montenegrin border). Many stop here for 1-2 days to visit the city and take a short break.

An advantage of travelling by car is of course that you have the highest flexibility. You do not need to rent a car in Montenegro and you can drive around the country at any time and make relaxed day trips.

Montenegro is not as well developed in terms of the road network as it is known from Germany. There are significantly fewer roads and the signposting is sometimes not quite satisfactory – but more about this in a separate blog article.

Journey to Montenegro by ship

Journey by ship

When we talk about travelling to Montenegro by boat, we mean primarily by ferry. Of course you also have the possibility to arrive with your own ship, if you have one. Montenegro has many ports where you can dock.

Well, the arrival by ferry is possible from Italy. There is a ferry connection between Bari (Italy) and Bar (Montenegro). The ferry goes very easy to maintain overnight. The travel time is about 9 hours. But you will usually not get much out of this, because you will sleep in sleeping cabins. You have the possibility to check in with your own car or as a traveler without a car.

The ferry saisonally (May-September) runs quite regularly. Out of season it usually does not run at all or only very rarely.

So if you are in Italy and are on a short round trip by car, then you have the possibility to take a short ferry crossing and then take a round trip by car to visit Montenegro.

The costs for the ferry are not very high – again, it depends on whether you arrive by car (and with which car…), alone or with several people, whether you book a return trip and at what time you want to go.

More about this in a following blog article.

Journey to Montenegro by train

Journey by train

The possibilities to get to Montenegro by train are unfortunately not as varied as one is used to from Germany or Europe in general.

There is a train connection via Serbia, more precisely from Belgrade (Serbia) to Bar (Montenegro). This train connection is a little bit like the Orient Express – an exciting, adventurous journey with super beautiful views. Unfortunately there are not too many stops, so flexibility is not the order of the day here. But of course you have the possibility to rent a car here on site, so that you have the flexibility during your holiday in Montenegro.

The costs are again very reasonable, also depending on the number of travellers and whether there is a return trip or not etc.

Travelling by train takes a little more time, as you would have to come to Belgrade first to get to Montenegro from there. But for adventurous people it is a highly recommended way of travelling.

The journey by bus

The journey to Montenegro by bus

The journey to Montenegro by bus is unfortunately somewhat more difficult. There are not too many bus connections and often it takes several changes in different cities to reach your destination.

There is actually a direct bus connection from Hamburg to Montenegro. Twice a week the bus line runs back and forth here. Costs are about 150 Euro, which is very affordable. The travel time is about 24 hours, depending on where you get on and where exactly in Montenegro you want to go.

Alternatively, there are of course coach tours to Montenegro that can be booked. Here the whole trip is planned through and you would not have to worry about anything.

To get to Montenegro with something like the Flixbus is rather difficult. You would have to change several times and the journey would then mostly go via Serbia again and not really along the coast.

Also here – more about this in a separate blog article.


So, our conclusion is – use the journey by car or by plane. These are the two easiest ways to travel to Montenegro.