There are many places of interest in Montenegro. From monasteries and castles to beaches, coastal areas, harbours and grottos and the incredibly beautiful nature reserves.

There is so much to see here that one trip alone is not enough. Montenegro is like a paradise for all senses.

You can put together your own little sightseeing tour or you can take advantage of the wide range of guided tours that are offered through certain portals. Depending on what type of person you are. Many times, the guided tours are not expensive and very nice, as at the same time, one gets a lot of knowledge and facts.

If one is on the way with child(ren), it is of course often possible to visit all the beautiful places by oneself, so one has more time and patience and calmness.

In this blog-article-archive of the category places of interest you will find all the sights in Montenegro we visited, described and photographed and about which we absolutely wanted to report.

We hope you enjoy reading and browsing!

26 06, 2021

Porto Montenegro – high society harbor in Tivat

2021-08-01T09:46:46+02:00June 26th, 2021|Places of Interest, restaurants, Shopping|

Porto Montenegro High society harbor in Tivat Porto Montenegro is a yacht port for the super-rich, including its own promenade and associated luxury hotels, restaurants and shopping opportunities. The port is located [...]

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