360 degree panoramic view
the beach of Petrovac

For me, Petrovac beach is one of the most beautiful beaches here on the coast of Montenegro. Very well-kept, not too big, nestled in a bay. The splendor of nature and colors that is offered here is wonderfully beautiful. Here in our 360 ° panoramic view you can get a first impression of the beach in Petrovac.

This beach in Petrovac is located in a quiet area on the outskirts of Petrovac. Edged in a kind of small bay by pine forests on the left and right, it is a pure natural paradise. The town of Petrovac is very, very pretty, but this beach here surpasses it or rounds off the beauty. Through the pine forests to the left and right of the beach you can hike up to the respective mountain peaks, which are not too high, but from where you have a super nice view over the beach and coast.

Food and drinks are of course also provided here. The restaurants at the end of the beach are so beautiful that you want to stay here forever. You could certainly read a book or even write one here.

Enjoy the panoramic view from the beach of Petrovac and maybe it will inspire one or the other to come here on vacation. Who knows. In any case, we are always at your side with words and deeds – we are happy to arrange flights or holiday accommodation, rental cars or excursions – just contact us!

The 360 degree view